SMT Superiority

Quansheng SMT Advantages?

Quansheng SMT got the ISO9001:

2008 international quality certification systerm and CCCI certificate.

CCCI, means gaining the approval of UKAS, and it has the right of ISO/TEC27001 

approving and auditting from CNCA. CCCI enanble an organization to minimize the 

risk of damage through effective risk management. 

Quansheng now has 8 SMT high-speed production line。


  1. New importing YAMAHA chip mounter
  2. GKG fully-automatic printing machine
  3. Japanese 10 warm reflow soldering
  4. New importing X-RAYX-SCOPE1800 instrument for nondestructive testing
  5. AOI automatic testing system
  6. Automatic Cutting Machine
  7. More than 20 sets importing Agilent 8960 Anritu


Agilent 8960 Anritu                              AOI automatic testing system                X-RAYX-SCOPE1800 instrument for nondestructive testing